BrickBuilders extracurricular bookings

BrickBuilders lessons are delivered weekly, as after-school sessions or early years incursions. Our lessons have been written with age-level outcomes in mind, from social and fine motor skills in early years, to advanced learning concepts and robotics in senior primary school. All bookings include:

  • a term’s schedule of our lesson streams in social sciences and STEM (see below)
  • our latest comprehensive printed and multimedia lesson material
  • recently redesigned lesson summary sheets for at-home extension
  • reward LEGO bricks and take home model per term

If your student is enrolled at one of our current schools, please click the links below to find out more and enrol in our program.

Exploring geographic regions and cultures.

Illustrating important dates and events close to lesson date.

Dedicated lessons that master LEGO brick techniques and creativity.

Structural and mechanical lessons based on engineering.

Explaining how things in society interact to make a whole.

Understanding our natural world, and human impacts.

Digital/robotic lessons utilising a range of control interfaces from remote controls, tile coding, and MIT Scratch.

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Somerset College

Please book directly with the school’s parents portal

St Andrews Lutheran College

Please book directly with the school’s parents portal

BrickBuilders lessons are delivered with quality and safety in mind. Copies of our procedures and participant expectations can be found here.