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The Brick Builder is the home of Ben Craig, an artist using LEGO® bricks. Ben has combined his life-long passion for the ubiquidous brick and background in marketing and events to create The Brick Builder as an ultimate platform for commissioned models, events, special occasions, and in-school activities. Along the way, he has achieved international attention as Brisbane Airport's Artist-in-Residence and achieved a Guinness World Record, building the worlds largest caravan with LEGO bricks, supported by an outstanding team of fan builders including the very talented 2019 LEGO Masters Australia contestant, Cade Franklin.Get in touch today to find out how we can bring a touch of brick magic to your project or special occasion.


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LEGO Serious Play®

Available through our communications identity ‘The Responsible Company’, LEGO Serious Play is a radical organisational and team development framework that brings play to the table.