BrickBuilders co-curricular after school sessions are hour-long workshops designed to reinforce educational principles (including STEM, and critical thought) and social development. Our lesson plans each term include:

  • varied delivery of inquiry-based activities and creative experiences including robotics, mechanics, and constructive learning
  • opportunities to learn LEGO building techniques and participate in experiences not available elsewhere
  • tailored experiences to each participant
  • make-and-take models each term designed by ‘The Brick Builder’
  • facilitation by our capable team and ‘The Brick Builder’
  • regular display of amazing professional models.

For enquiries, and to introduce BrickBuilders to your school, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

If your student is enrolled at one of our current schools, please click the links below to find out more and enrol in our program.

BrickBuilders at King’s Christian College

School bell to 4.30 pm

Each session is $16, with the total term price dependant on the number of sessions for each class